Impact Bars with Cradle System

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Model CIB-100 (Impact Bars with Cradle)

Conveyor Belts need to run without spillages at feeding zone for better productivity and longer life.

Impact Bars are replacement of Impact rollers and essential for absorbing impact force of raw materials at feed zone of conveyor belts and keep maintenance free feed, to achieve zero spillage and good environment.

Concare make Impact Bar Systems are uniquely designed concave shape with concentric hole sturdy steel plate backed Rubber for achieving best possible cushioning, Self lubricating frictionless UHMW-PE Polymer for ensure Drag force.

  • Best possible modular superior Design.
  • Modular segments with replaceable & Interchangeable bars.
  • Simple installation.
  • Suitable for all belt speeds and capacity.
  • Optimum Impact Absorbing & Sealing results with Nil Spillages.
  • Nil wear to the belt.
  • Low wear to the UHMW-PE Bar.
  • Nil maintenance.
  • Value for money.