Air Blaster Systems

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Air Blaster Systems

Concare Air-Power Blaster is a FLOW PROMOTING DEVICE used to remove and to prevent the material Jammings in Bulk Solids Handling Storage equipments.

Air Power blaster system operation is good enough to develop continuous raw material free flow discharge through the outlet and create continuous material fluidization in the equipment, The system always prevent the problems of Rat-Holing, Funneling, Arching and Bridging(which are frequently occurring in storage equipments due to Geometry of equipments, Wall friction with raw material, Material characteristics and Method of feeding and discharging).

Concare make Air Power Blaster is an Air Vessel which is manufactured and designed under Specification of Un fired Pressure Vessel Code IS 2825 Class-3, in which compressed Air pressure 7 kgf/cm2 is stored and releases within Mille Seconds through Jet Nozzle to achieve Impact force on Raw materials by actuating 3/2 way Solenoid Valve and Quick Exhaust valve with pre-determined time programmed in Micro-Process type sequential controller.

Production Increases. No Manual Poking. No Equipment Damages. Plant Efficiency Increases.

Concare Air Blasters are Spring Loaded type Aluminum Piston. Inlet and Outlet at opposite side. Maintenance Free without dismantling Vessel. No Air Leakage. Better Air sealing with Labrynth type